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Termite Control | The Bronx

When it comes to timber structures, termites are major pests and can cause significant damage.

Contact Avalon Pest Control if you suspect you have a termite problem! We understand the different classes of chemicals used in termite control, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Termite Control 101

Termites are structural insect pests that feed on wood and wood products, which they convert into usable food. There are 3 common species of termites including:

  • The Pacific dampwood termite
  • The Western subterranean termite
  • And the drywood termite

Successful termite control requires expert knowledge of the behavior of each species. This is because termites are social insects that live in colonies, and they need proper conditions for their colony to grow and feed. The most effective solution for a termite problem will depend on the species that needs to be controlled.

Our termite control methods are effective but do not adversely affect people or the environment

Termites The Bronx

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Pests like insects and rodents have the potential to cause significant damage to property and spread disease to people and their pets. At Avalon Pest Control, we specialize in extermination solutions for all kinds of pests.

Contact us if you need some help and advice with a pest problem! Different pests require different solutions to control and eliminate them, depending on the species, location and size of the infestation. We can help you make educated choices!

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Termite control is best left to professionals with the right equipment for the job!

Common indications of a termite infestation include:

Swarming behavior
Damage signs
Fecal pellets
Distinctive tapping sounds